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Organisational Docs / April 20, 2018

2018 Regional Representative Elections

Regional Representative Nominee Information Pack

Growers considering to become a Regional Representative are strongly advised to read the following information.

The Nominee Factsheet which outlines:

  • What the NZKGI Forum is
  • Why growers should consider becoming a NZKGI forum member
  • How the regional representative elections work, including key dates
  • Expectations regarding NZKGI forum meetings
  • Forum member pathways

To view the Nominee Factsheet, click here


The NZKGI Forum Members Guide which contains:

  • Expectations of Representatives from the NZKGI rules
  • Forum members interaction with growers
  • Role in a crisis
  • Work with NZKGI’s portfolios
  • Communication with external stakeholders

To view the NZKGI Forum Members Guide, click here


Regional Representative Nominee Form

Nominees for the Regional Representative elections need to fill out a Regional Representative Nominee Form which is signed by a nominator and seconder.

To view the Regional Representative Nominee Form, click here