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2023 Workplan

Performance & Supply

NZKGI has a critical role to monitor Zespri and industry performance to ensure industry practices are maintained in the best interests of all kiwifruit Growers. NZKGI will deliver reports on Zespri and post-harvest performance to Growers. In addition, the portfolio and will be placing increased focus on Green grower profitability and as well as share alignment in the near future. NZKGI Forum members and staff also play and important role on industry governance groups, including IAC and ISG, advocating for Growers by ensuring their voice is heard amongst Zespri, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Environmental & Policy

Regulatory change is putting increasing pressure on the kiwifruit industry, resulting in NZKGI increasing its presence in this area. 2023 will see the fruition of key decisions including HiCane, the Gisborne rates court proceedings and the RSE policy review, all of which will have financial implications for Growers. There is also a wave of additional decisions that will be made in areas such as the Three Waters and RMA reform bills, Freshwater regulations and Long-Term Plans.


Labour & Education

NZKGI remains a forerunner of New Zealand’s primary industries in the attraction of seasonal labour and will continue to excel in this space. In addition, NZKGI will continue to place a high priority on the RSE scheme policy review and tripartite discussions to provide growers with more labour certainty.

NZKGI is involved in developing kiwifruit careers in schools through the production of our Kiwifruit book, support of the Katikati Hort Centre as well as agribusiness in schools. The BOP Young Grower competition will continue to be one of the industry’s largest events which showcases our future leaders and the Cultivate Your Career event will continue to showcase careers the industry has to offer.



NZKGI will continue to excel in its communication to Growers, particularly through its Weekly Update newsletter which is the industry’s most-read publication for Growers. Podcasts will also be produced to give growers a deeper insight into business-critical topics. This portfolio also manages pastoral care on behalf of NZKGI and will continue to focus on support for financially stressed growers through range of different initiatives. In addition, the portfolio will promote positive news about the industry to support its reputation.


Industry Stability

The industry stability portfolio will protect the Single Point of Entry (SPE) at a Government level and indirectly on the international trade stage to maximise value for growers. NZKGI will also advocate for growers on industry bodies such as the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), the Industry Supply

Group (ISG) and subcommittees dealing with all supply issues.



NZKGI ensures that the organisation is professional and well run, with maximum benefit for the levy investment received. Grower roadshows will continue to be run independently from other industry stakeholders to gather and share grower information. Growers will be able to voice their opinion about how NZKGI is run through the AGM’s and levy renewal, in addition to communication with their Forum representatives.