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Media Releases / Amendments to Kiwifruit Export Regulation Increase Grower Control of Industry

Amendments to Kiwifruit Export Regulation Increase Grower Control of Industry


11 July 2017

Amendments to Kiwifruit Export Regulation Increase Grower Control of Industry

• Regulation amendments positive development for growers
• Key phase of the industry strategy completed

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. (NZKGI) congratulates Government on listening to New Zealand kiwifruit grower’s opinions and announcing the approval of the amendment of the Kiwifruit Export Regulations today. Growers request for amendments were a direct result of the 2015 KISP referendum which strongly supported changes in the Kiwifruit Export Regulations to give growers increased control of the industry.

NZKGI Chairman Doug Brown says, “NZKGI has played a central role in proactively working with the New Zealand Government on the regulations and New Zealand kiwifruit growers should be pleased that the outcome reflects what growers wanted.”

The revised Regulations address three main areas: Shareholder alignment, Zespri’s core business and the governance and funding of the regulator Kiwifruit New Zealand (KNZ). NZKGI CEO Nikki Johnson says, “The regulations will enable greater alignment between growers and shareholders. The expansion of the definition of core business will provide stability to Zespri as the industry grows, maximizing the wealth of New Zealand kiwifruit growers.”

The regulations make significant changes to the governance and funding of KNZ and while growers no longer have a majority on the KNZ Board, there will be some benefit in having independent expertise available. As supported by the KISP referendum, KNZ now has greater flexibility in funding their operations but also enhanced reporting requirements.

NZKGI has worked closely with MPI throughout this process to obtain a desirable outcome for New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers. NZKGI will maintain close interest in how the regulations are implemented, particularly with regards to resulting changes to the Zespri constitution that will take place as soon as practically possible following consultation to ensure the interests of growers are the focus.