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Health & Safety / Eurofins Health & Safety (February 2020 update)

Eurofins Health & Safety (February 2020 update)

To date we still have 416 outstanding KPINS that have not updated their health and safety/primary contact information. This is important information to update,

Eurofins is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and other persons visiting the workplace. Health and safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents, which may cause personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind. As of next week (Week 10) Eurofins will be applying a ‘stop sample’ to any orchard that has not updated/confirmed their primary contact and hazard information for the 2020 season.

Eurofins determines that an orchard will not be sampled due to unmitigated health and safety risks. The Sample Requestor, Primary Contact  and Zespri are advised and the Primary Contact is asked to initiate the corrective action which will include written confirmation once the corrective action has been completed. Eurofins will prevent samples being requested against the KPIN within their internal system until we have received this confirmation. Note: Stop Sampling extends to other entities using our system such as Pack houses. To this end, Eurofins will not lift a Stop Sample to accommodate a Pack house collection request.

To find the most up to date Health and Safety information please follow the link below: