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Latest News / August 9, 2019

Expression of Interest – Industry Supply Group (ISG) Chairperson

With the impending retirement of the existing Chairperson the ISG is seeking expression of interests for a Chairperson. 

 The vision of ISG is to provide a supply chain management structure that delivers the most effective and efficient global supply kiwifruit chain.  The purpose of ISG is to act as a supply chain management team in the development and management of the global supply chain but more specifically to:

·         Debate and negotiate the terms of the industry Supply Agreement;

·         Maintain a total industry focus that is centred around increasing value across all facets of the supply chain;

·         To support an integrated marketing business and maximise long-term OGR; and

·         Enable an efficient and competitive post-harvest sector that offers grower choice whilst maintaining equity and fairness in line with sound commercial practices.

 The ISG will have a clear operational focus and will prioritise work related to this area and that of more strategic issues as they occur.

 The role of the independent Chairperson is to provide leadership and ensure ISG meetings are run efficiently and effectively, ensuring that the views of all participants are heard and facilitating meeting outcomes.  The independent Chairperson must be able to demonstrate experience in governance roles and while an advantage, kiwifruit industry experience is not a requirement. The Chairperson is appointed for a two year term by agreement from Zespri, NZKGI and Registered Suppliers.  There is no limit to the number of terms a Chairperson can sit for and the role is remunerated.  The ISG have 12 standard meetings a year generally on the 3rd Thursday of each month except January but February has 2 meetings, the meetings run from 8.30am to approx. 1pm. The ISG Chairperson is also required to report back to the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) which have 6 scheduled meetings are year running from 9am to approx. 12pm.

 The ISG terms of reference are available upon request from Natasha Epapara (details below).   If you need further information on ISG or the Chairperson role please contract Shaun Gardner on 0275 800 322 or email

 Please send in expressions of Interest to Natasha Epapara ( by Sunday 25 August 2019.