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Health & Safety / October 26, 2017

Feedback on Eurofins-Zespri 2018 On-Orchard Health and Safety Policies

The following summary paper and background papers (linked below) were provided to the NZKGI Forum on Thursday, 26 October.

Growers are encouraged to submit feedback on these papers by 3 November to the NZKGI office on 0800 232 505, or by clicking here.



Eurofins-Zespri 2018 On-Orchard Health and Safety Policies


Eurofins Bay of Plenty (Eurofins) is contracted by Zespri to provide maturity clearance services, residue sample collection services and other monitoring services. These services, should they continue to be contracted in future seasons, require Eurofins employees to visit every orchard that intends to supply Zespri. Eurofins and Zespri publish a summary of the on-orchard health and safety policies that Eurofins employees are required to apply, the first iteration of these policies were drafted and applied for the 2017 season. Eurofins BOP and Zespri would appreciate NZKGI Forum member feedback on the proposed changes to the health and safety on orchard policy and stop sampling procedure for 2018. Feedback will also be encouraged from the Industry Supply Group, the Maturity Review Group and the Horticultural Industry Health and Safety Forum.


On-Orchard Health and Safety Policies

The following documents are linked as appendices to this paper:

  1. Health and Safety On-Orchards (External Reference)

This document summarises the on-orchard health and safety policies and procedures to give clarity around the circumstances on orchards that are not considered safe for maturity clearance and residue sampling. It provides detail on the policies for sampler training and equipment and provides standard operating procedures for circumstances such as long grass, collapsed structures, spraying etc.


  1. Orchard Sampling: Stop Sampling Procedures

This document outlines the process that will be followed if an orchard is not considered safe for maturity clearance and residue sampling.



Eurofins is planning on sending the four notifications below to the primary orchard contact(s) for each sample via text message and/or email. The purpose of the notifications is to advise the primary orchard contact(s) when the sampler is expected to be on the orchard, when they have arrived at the orchard and when they are leaving the orchard. The notification system will further reduce the flexibility to accommodate specific requests for arrival times.


Trigger      Notification
When the sample collection order is finalised the night before sample collection


    An estimate of arrival time


When finished the previous sample (or at the start of the day for the first sample of the day)


     An estimate of arrival time based on the         distance from the orchard


When the sampler arrives at the property


     I am here


When the sample is completed


     Sample completed and leaving the orchard




Eurofins will discuss the key elements of the on-orchard health and safety policies and the proposed notifications at the 26 October 2017 NZKGI forum meeting. Alternatively to NZKGI, feedback on the policies can also be provided to Lyndsay Hayward of Eurofins BOP by Friday 10 November 2017. Once finalised the documents will be published on the and Zespri Canopy websites.




Rob Carter

Zespri Technical Projects Manager