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Health & Safety / Forklift Incident – Impacted Foot

Forklift Incident – Impacted Foot

Event Title: Forklift Incident – Impacted Foot
Event date: 12th August 2019
Event location: Eastpack

Event Description:
This morning a driver at one of our offsite locations was reversing when his foot was caught between the forklift and a structural pole within the Coolstore. – Please note the photos of the scene are reenacted, while the boot (actual drivers boot) managed to protect the driver’s foot from serious damage. The driver had a foot hanging out over the edge of the forklift cab. He was reversing very close to the structural pole.

Initial Actions Taken:

  • The driver was taken out of the cold environment and first aid was administered
  • An ambulance was called
  • The incident has had an initial investigation
  • Red Alert issued

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • All offsites to have a review of emergency information.
  • Toolbox discussions across the organization on correct driver behavior and positioning.
  • A review of site map including location and rapid number.
  • A review on lone or remote worker procedure for offsites.
  • A reminder to all staff to create observations of any unsafe areas or areas to be improved.