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Performance / March 23, 2021

GA1CK Kiwistart Rate Increase 23.03.2021

As you may be aware Gold 3 clearances and submit have stalled with much feedback being that small sizes aren’t clearing and people are holding off for TZG to increase. Meanwhile ships are being delayed at cost to the pool and that fruit will be likely shipped out the end of the season, incurring time rates and quality costs and in a short labour season staff are being underutilised waiting around for fruit.

Yesterday ISG had an out of session meeting to discuss the situation and what could be done to stimulate supply. It was subsequently agreed by NZKGI, ISG and IAC that an increase of $1.30 to the kiwistart rates, including retrospectively, up to 29 March and increased rates to 6 April.

The cut off days are also proposed to be changed to avoid clashing with Hayward Friday cut offs. These rates and cut off days are below.

While the new kiwistart rates are an increase, because less was procured in the early weeks the overall spend is around the same as the original plan.
The cost of this is also offset by the potential costs of shipping fruit later taking into account time rates and quality costs. This doesn’t include the unquantifiable costs included in stopping markets and having to restart them.

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