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Grower Guidance / Getting Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT)

Getting Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT)

By being registered as a critical business, workers will be able to access RATs from government supplies.

For information on how to register as a Critical Business, click here.

To use RATs as part of the scheme you must be an asymptomatic household close contact. See a list of COVID-19 symptoms. The worker will also need a notification that they are a close contact. They can self-register as close contact and receive the notification here, search “critical”, and select the date they were exposed. 

You will be able to select a collection point (which will be listed on Healthpoint) to pick your order up from. The RAT tests will need to be pre-ordered following this link. When collecting, you will also need:

  • Critical Services Register Letter
  • Critical Worker Authorisation Letter
  • Workplace ID (if applicable)
  • Personal ID (e.g.  Vaccine Pass)
  • Text message confirming you are a close contact
  • Your RATs order number

Once a worker has their RAT, they are to be used for each of the days they are required to work while still being considered a household close contact. They must remain asymptomatic, test themselves each workday/shift, record their results, and update their employer of their test result before attending work.

RATs for worksites with multiple contacts

As part of supporting workers get access to RATs for use as part of the Close Contact Exemption Scheme, where worksites have more than 15 critical workers who are also close contacts at a worksite, the below can be used instead of individual workers needing to individually collect RATs from a collection site.

Please note that any requests for RATs to be supplied outside this purpose will be declined.

Please select your DHB from the links and email them with the following information

  • Business name
  • Business unique identifier from the MBIE CCES system
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Affected worksite that has >15 critical workers who are close contacts
  • Delivery address for the affected worksite
  • Number of critical workers who are currently close contacts
  • Are you currently working with the local public health unit regarding the cases and contacts at your worksite? – Yes/No
Northland DHB
NRHCC (Auckland, Counties, Waitemata)
Waikato DHB
Taranaki DHB
Mid Central DHB
Capital Coast DHB
Nelson Marlborough DHB
Bay of Plenty DHB
West Coast DHB
Hawkes Bay DHB
Hutt Valley DHB
Lakes DHB
Tairawhiti DHB
Wairarapa DHB
Whanganui DHB
Canterbury DHB
Sth Canterbury DHB
Southern DHB