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Performance / April 5, 2019

Gold3 – the use of regression analysis

In the 2016 harvest season, Zespri introduced taste by size for Gold3, where a regression (trendline) is developed based on the 90-random and 60-small fruit sample and is used to assign a taste (TZG) value for each fruit size. This is shown in Grower Clearance Reports and used in combination with your actual fruit size profile at packing to calculate your taste payment.

There are two frequent questions that NZKGI receive from Growers in relation to this: 1) What is regression? 2) Why are small sized Gold3 fruit pieces included in the Gold3 Taste calculations?   In response to these questions, NZKGI have produced a factsheet that sets out how and why the use of regression works.  To view this informative factsheet, click here