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Performance / May 24, 2019

Grower Payments – Managing your Cashflow

Grower payments are categorised under three different payment groups:  Fruit payments, Incentive payments and Service payments (sometimes referred to as Fruit and Service payments). The Zespri 2019 Grower Payments book sets out the various timings of these payments, which can be helpful to Growers in managing your cashflows:


















Additionally, Grower payments are also summarised monthly in Zespri’s kiwiflier, split between actual payments made year-to-date (YTD) and payments yet to be made.  Given this season is a high dry matter one, there will be more money paid in taste this year and less in fruit payments.  Taste is paid monthly from July through to December and will vary depending on the shipping pattern of your fruit and your supply entity policies.  The key point is that a significant proportion of payments will be made relatively early in the season.  It is important that Growers monitor the Grower payments and timings and understand their supply entity pooling rules as to how these payments are on-paid to you as Growers payments. All growers can view and download actual payments Zespri has made to date for all orchards that they lease or own. This can be found on The Canopy website under Canopy > Zespri & The Kiwifruit Industry > Tools & Calculators > Tools & Systems > Payment & Inventory Reports.

Please note that Payment Reporting is only updated at the end of each month. Inventory reports are updated weekly. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the Zespri Grower Services team on 0800 155 355 or email