The target of the external relations portfolio is to build on community and local government relationships whilst being the advocate for kiwifruit growers on wider issues such as health and safety and resource management.


Agrichemical use in all horticultural systems is required to achieve desirable production outcomes. It is important to understand what and why and also to measure and record the use of agrichemicals.

The kiwifruit industry follows best practice guidelines where fertiliser and chemicals are only applied when there are visible signs they are required.  The “KiwiGreen” programme is an integrated pest management programme, where growers are asked to monitor their orchards and, depending on the level of a particular pest or disease, a spray may be applied to control that pest or disease.

This programme aims to eliminate the unnecessary use of chemicals, and ensures that when an agrichemical is required, the environmentally safest product is chosen.

All Regional Air Plans have rules relating to agrichemical use. To find out the agrichemical guidelines for your region visit: https://www.growsafe.co.nz/GrowSafe/Resources/Regional_plans/GrowSafe/Rsrc/Regional_plans.aspx
GROWSAFE is the brand of the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals.

Zespri Crop Protection Standard

The Zespri Crop Protection Standard is a more specific crop protection guide outlining what sprays can be used at what times. Under the Zespri Crop Protection Standard, if growers do not adhere to the rules outlined, their fruit may not be exported.

Click here to view the Zespri Crop Protection Standard Grower Manual on Canopy.

Spray Complaints

The kiwifruit spraying season begins from early August. Growers and their spray contractors are responsible for keeping sprays on the orchard and not allowing them to drift on to neighbouring properties. The kiwifruit industry won’t accept bad spraying practices and we encourage members of the public to lodge any spray complaints by calling the NZKGI hotline on 0800 232 505. Complaints will be investigated and may result in an infringement fine or prosecution.

Guidance documents
  • For Grower Guideline on Agrichemical Health & Safety Requirements, click here
  • For Public information on Spray Safety, click here

Important Agrichemical Documents