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Uncategorized / August 22, 2019

Local Body Elections: Auckland

Bill Cashmore


General questions

Q1. Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s largest horticultural export with New Zealand supply of kiwifruit forecast to increase from 123 million trays (2017) to nearly 190 million trays in 2027. Do you think the Council has a role in preparing for and supporting this growth, if not why? How will you support industry growth?
Ans. Auckland does not directly support any industry group. We do however support all Rural production. The Auckland Plan stipulates that rural areas are for rural production and land fragmentation is actively not supported. Minimum title size is 40 hectares in Rural Production or Mixed Rural Zones. Housing for employees is allowed for but not granted with a separate title.

Q2. What is your view on the growth of kiwifruit in your region, in respect to urbanisation, protection of productive land and environmental pressures?
Ans. Kiwifruit production and all horticultural production is expanding in Auckland as is the processing facility build. Ie Punchbowl in Glenbrook. Productive lands are protected as far as is possible under the RMA. Reverse Sensitivity is not given any priority in rural zones. Horticultural and greenhouse growth is at record levels of development. Our Future Urban Land Supply Strategy which is a 30 year plan has urban green fields in areas where the topography and soils are not contusive to horticultural activity. This growth is also planned adjacent to existing urban areas to advance more affordable infrastructure provision. Paerata is an exception but still on clay soils.

Q4. What drives you to run as a candidate in the local body elections? What do you hope to achieve? Just completed my second term as a councillor and one term as deputy mayor. Not a career politician. Achieved or working on Long term planning, 10 year fully funded budgets, focus on key infrastructure, advocating for the crown to do exactly the same. NZTA , Kiwi rail and others need a guaranteed asset replacement and build budgeted plan that is at least 10 years . Partnerships with off shore providers. Using Special Purpose Financial Vehicles to enable faster delivery of infrastructure. 10 plus 5 plus 5 procurement policies so that contracting companies have bankable contract pipelines.

Region specific questions

Q1. How will you ensure that valuable soils used for food production are not lost to urban sprawl? Been done at the extent allowed under the RMA via the Auckland Plan, the Unitary Plan and the Planning provisions via the FULSS.

Q2. Allowing houses/subdivisions in rural areas creates reverse sensitivity issues when in close proximity to orchards. What can Council do to protect rural environments? Auckland Council has de-sensitised reverse sensitivity in rural zones in the UP. Life style blocks are zoned Country Side Living and were created by legacy councils before Auckland Council was created in 2010. Further land fragmentation is actively discouraged. There is a Transferable Title policy but only to CSL zones.