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Media Releases / March 28, 2018

New Zealand kiwifruit harvest begins

The first kiwifruit is being picked in New Zealand with orchards cleared to be harvested from the top of the North Island to the top of the South Island. Over 2,500 growers will be harvesting some 13,500 hectares of kiwifruit.

2018 is forecasted to be a good harvest with SunGold (Gold) and Hayward (Green) volumes for this season expected to be more than last year. New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. CEO Nikki Johnson says, “Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s largest horticultural export and this season is projected to be no different. New Zealand growers can be proud to say they produce a world-leading fruit superior in quality and taste which will be marketed to over 50 countries”.

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. Chairman Doug Brown says, “The forecasted increase in volume this year will help to fulfill the industry’s aim of sales growth. With a strong future where sales are expected to double by 2025 and some of the highest returns in the primary sector, the New Zealand kiwifruit industry has an exciting future ahead of it. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all growers a happy and safe harvest”.

The kiwifruit industry profits the regions where it is grown, for example, bringing around $1.8 billion (indirect impact) to the Bay of Plenty annually. A recent University of Waikato report has predicted that the kiwifruit industry will triple GDP contribution to over $6 billion to the economy by 2030.


NZKGI CEO Nikki Johnson and NZKGI Chairman Doug Brown