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Latest News / December 6, 2018

New Zealand looking for travellers for harvest picking and packing

The distant New Zealand is a favourite destination for European youth

Auckland – New Zealand is on the top of the list of favourite travel destinations for young European globetrotters. Travellers on a small budget who want to or are keen to earn a little while travelling can apply as harvest helper. The New Zealand Government grants Working Holiday Visas for Germans , Austrians and other EU citizens .

Due to New Zealand’s low unemployment rate, there is a pressing demand for harvest helpers, particularly during the fruit picking season. “For this reason travellers have been given the opportunity to help out during the kiwifruit harvest in the Bay of Plenty for a few years now”, says Nikki Johnson, CEO of NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc.


Working in a wonderful environment

The Bay of Plenty – on New Zealand’s North Island – is known all over for its scenic attractions. Nearly every water sport can be pursued around Tauranga. It is also home to New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry. “Harvest season mainly covers the three months of April, May and June,” explains Nikki. “Great for everybody who want to spend the southern winter in New Zealand to go skiing for example on the South Island or to continue their travels to the Pacific Region.”

“There are plenty of accommodation options available such as backpackers or campsites, because the whole country is very well prepared for backpackers, young travellers but also tourists generally,” explains the expert. “Lots of young travellers buy a used car and travel the country that way. There are a lot of things to see.”

New Zealand has been leading the ranks as a travel destination for a few years now. Reasons for that are the great and diverse scenery, but also its reputation as a safe country to visit. Travel agencies, such as FTI, are pleased about the high demand for tours to New Zealand – whether it is custom tours for individuals, bus tours or in combination with the South Pacific or Singapore.


Proactive search for pickers and packers

“For the upcoming harvest season, from April until May, we are still looking for travellers from Germany and Europe,” Nikki says. There is no minimum work period, but Nikki recommends to work at least for a few weeks to make the most of it.

Kiwifruit growers have set up their own website for seasonal labour:

For travellers who are interested in seasonal work in different regions, there is a separate webpage:

Business contacts can be found here: