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Health & Safety / Roller Machinery Incident – Scarf entangled causing strangulation

Roller Machinery Incident – Scarf entangled causing strangulation

Event Title: Roller Machinery Incident – Scarf entangled in roller causing strangulation
Event date: 6 May 2021
Event location: Eastpack

Event Description:
An employee’s scarf was caught in a roller on a grading line. The scarf tightened around the employee’s neck and caused an injury before the line could be stopped and the employee freed.

Initial Actions Taken:

  • E-stop was pulled after almost a minute of the employee becoming trapped.
  • All team leaders within the Packhouse conducted one on one visual checks for loose clothing.
  • Red alert issued.

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Remove or secure any loose clothing before commencing work.
  • Encourage the use of the E-stop the moment someone becomes entangled in the machinery.
  • Investigate adequate guarding on roller machinery.
  • Display Pinch Point warning signs.
  • Add as a hazard topic for better awareness in future training.
  • Review E-stop locations to ensure they are effective.