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Performance / October 8, 2020

Taste Working Group Proposal and Grower Survey

IAC initiated a Taste and Maturity Testing review to look at how we sample, test and compensate for Taste and other maturity and storage related attributes for 2021 and beyond to ensure the right systems and drivers are in place to support the industry’s growth.

The IAC Taste and Maturity Sub-committee (including NZKGI reps Doug Brown, Mark Mayston and Sally Gardiner) formed a set of principles to review and forwarded the concepts to two working groups – Sampling and Lab and Taste working groups to make detailed recommendations.

The Taste working group reviewed the Taste programme as well as related incentive systems.

The objective of the changes being proposed is to balance maintaining Zespri’s in-market reputation for taste, a fundamental driver of OGRs, with the need to:

  1. Encourage growers to harvest when fruit is considered to have sufficient dry matter (not chase dry matter that may have little perceived added value).
  2. Encourage growers to harvest fruit before it becomes too mature and creates diminishing utility for the postharvest sector and Zespri.
  3. Bring the harvest forward to utilise packing capacity of the industry without harvesting too much fruit in an undesirable condition.

The Taste working group came up with 9 principles which are detailed in the working group summary found here and your feedback on each of these principles and preference where there are two options are requested in the following survey.

Click here to access survey.