Grower Submission Guide

Please note that submissions have now closed. A full list of submissions can be found here under Application Documents.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has recommended that Hydrogen Cyanamide (Hi-Cane) be banned and phased out over a five-year period. During the five-year phase-out period, the EPA are recommending the following controls:

  • Introduction of buffer zones
    • Between 4-8m bystander (this means the distance from your boundary)
    • Between 5-10m for spray entering waterways
    • Up to 25m for spray settling on land that slopes more than 10% to waterways
    • Between 0-10m non-kiwifruit plants
  • Restrict application rate to a maximum rate of 25kg ai/ha.
  • Maximum wind speed of between 3 km/h and 20 km/h. (Not to be applied when wind speeds are less than 3 km/hr or more than 20 km/hr as measured at the application site)

There are other recommendations like updating labelling requirements and hazard classifications.

The EPA human and environment health risk assessment found:

  • Hydrogen cyanamide is toxic to the reproductive system and thyroid if people are exposed to it over time. It is a suspected carcinogen and is corrosive to skin and eyes
  • There is a risk of exposure to applicators
  • There are risks to the aquatic environment, non-target plants, pollinators, non-target arthropods, and birds

To find out more about what the EPA have recommended, visit the NZKGI Hi-Cane page here 

Consultation is now closed. NZKGI is now looking at the use of Hi-Cane alternatives. If you have used a Hi-Cane substitute product and want to let us know your feedback on how it compares to Hi-Cane, get in touch here