Hydrogen cyanamide is a plant growth regulator widely used in the kiwifruit industry to promote the growth of shoots, or ‘bud break’, in a controlled manner.  Hydrogen cyanamide is the active ingredient in products such as Hi-Cane.

EPA Reassessment

The EPA is reassessing the use of hydrogen cyanamide.  The EPA website provides comprehensive information on the reassessment process and timeline, the submissions lodged, the science reports and procedural directions for the hearing here.

In summary:

  • The EPA’s reassessment application was formally received on 20 September 2021.
  • Public submissions were lodged between 30 September 2021 and 20 December 2021.
  • The EPA published a Submissions Analysis Report on 21 September 2022.
  • Scientific studies were due by 30 September 2022.
  • The EPA published their Update Report on 14 December 2022.
  • The EPA published a Social Impact Assessment on 31 January 2023.
  • The EPA published Worksafe’s Advice on the application on 13 February 2023.

The hearing was initially planned to commence on 6 March 2023.  However, on 14 February 2023 the New Zealand government declared a National State of Emergency due to the considerable impacts of cyclone Gabrielle in the upper North Island.  As a result the Decision Making Committee acknowledged the potential impact of the severe weather events on the ability for submitters to meaningfully participate in the hearing process and the hearing was postponed.  The EPA has published an updated reassessment application timeline and the hearing has now been tentatively scheduled to take place from 26 February to 1 March 2024.   Submitters are required to provide a final witness list by 26 January 2024 (if applicable).  The last date for submitting information to be presented at the hearing is 12 February 2024 (10 working days before hearing).  The EPA will publish the hearing notice and hearing schedule on 12 February 2024 (10 working days before the hearing).  The EPA will continue to publish updated Directions and Minutes on the website, and you can find the most up to date information here.

NZKGI’s submission provides information regarding the importance of Hydrogen Cyanamide to the industry here.

Zespri has also lodged a submission here.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.