NZKGI works with all industry players to understand the different operational and cultural dynamics to help establish and maintain important industry relationships and to actively support and protect the Single Point of Entry (SPE).

NZKGI Levy Order

Kiwifruit growers first voted to establish a kiwifruit commodity levy to fund the operation of NZKGI in 2011. Since that time, it has achieved a series of significant outcomes for growers under our six portfolios, Communications, Performance & Supply, Education & Labour, External Relations, Industry Stability and Organisation.

In 2017, NZKGI were given a strong mandate by kiwifruit growers to work on their behalf for the next six-year kiwifruit levy cycle. 85% of growers participating in the referendum voted to continue the levy. The Commodity Levies (Kiwifruit) Order 2017 is located here

The levy is used to continue to fund the operations of NZKGI. The levy has been set at 1c/tray ($0.0028/kg) since 2017 and can only be increased by vote at a NZKGI AGM or Special General Meeting.