Kiwifruit Jobs available in NZ!

Keen for seasonal work or more? There’s heaps of work available in the Kiwifruit Industry. Over the next few years, orchards are expected to produce more kiwifruit and now is a great time to get involved in this awesome industry and get paid for it.

While the kiwifruit industry is one of New Zealand’s biggest horticultural earners, the kiwifruit industry experienced a shortage of around 1,200 kiwifruit workers in 2018. Over the next few years kiwifruit production is predicted to rise, and so will the number of seasonal jobs available. To stop a similar issue from happening again, NZKGI made Kiwifruit Jobs NZ to attract keen workers this harvest season.

The Kiwifruit Jobs NZ page is a platform for sharing kiwifruit industry information, resources and job opportunities with those looking for active, rewarding and decently paid horticultural work. It will also be used to join key social media conversations about the Kiwifruit industry and be a voice for the industry.

2018: 140 million trays

2018: 1,200 worker shortage

2027: 190 million trays (estimated)

2027: 7,000 workers needed

For all media enquiries please contact our Communications Manager, Mike Murphy on 0800 232 505.