Kiwifruit Jobs available in NZ!

Keen for seasonal work or more? There’s heaps of work available in the Kiwifruit Industry. Over the next few years, orchards are expected to produce more kiwifruit and now is a great time to get involved in this awesome industry and get paid for it.

It’s very nice in New Zealand; a very green landscape where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the birds. It’s a nice contrast to working in the office. We’re with a group of Czech and Germans and we enjoy working together during the day and spending time in the evening, cooking a meal or going to the cinema. No stress. It’s a very good job for working and travelling. Very cool. I can recommend this work.

Max Waage – Germany / 23


I work at Apata Packhouse in Katikati, preparing documentation for kiwifruit and avocado packs, mostly our organically grown fruit. I enjoy the challenge of understanding and processing the export packing requirements and protocols for the fruit. Interaction with the packhouse floor staff, especially the young international backpackers, brings a vibrancy to each day. You hear many different languages and see the young ones expand their English skills and enjoyment of our beautiful country. Each year there are new friendships made, some of which will be life-long. There is a small window of time for the harvest and pack-out of fruit and we must operate in a timely and efficient way. It is rewarding knowing that in some way I have contributed to adding value to this vast export market.

Delwyn Ogilvy, 61

New Zealand has beautiful nature and nice people. Te Puke is very nice. It’s close to the beach at Papamoa and you can also go for hikes after work in the bush. The work is not too hard and it’s pretty fun. You can do a lot of different jobs – like bud-thinning, flower picking and trimming branches. It’s a nice change after Czech.
It’s really refreshing to listen to music and podcasts while I work. With these jobs you can work for a while and then take some travel around New Zealand.
Working in the kiwifruit industry is a really nice experience and it’s definitely worth it.

Radim Kubik – Czech Republic / 31


We are a group of German backpackers working in the orchards around Te Puke and I can definitely recommend coming to work here. It’s really idyllic. Really quiet and close to the beach. You can enjoy the time where you will learn a lot about kiwifruit and how to handle them. It was a good decision to come here.

Liza Hiller – Germany / 28