The target of the external relations portfolio is to build on community and local government relationships whilst being the advocate for kiwifruit growers on wider issues such as health and safety and resource management.

SmartGrowth – The Strategic Partners Forum

NZKGI is part of the SmartGrowth Strategic Partners Forum (SPF) which was formed at the inception of SmartGrowth in 2004. It maintains a broad overview and draws on diverse expertise.

SmartGrowth sets the strategic vision and direction for the growth and development of the Western Bay, on key issues across the spectrum of social, environmental, economic and cultural objectives.  SmartGrowth is a mechanism to harness the collective impact of local government, iwi, business, central Government agencies, key industries and the community.

The Strategic Partners Forum:
  • Acts in a community role
  • Monitors to ensure the SmartGrowth strategy and actions are met with input from partner forum members
  • Is a knowledge pool to the SmartGrowth Implementation Committee (SGIC) and assists in guiding decisions relating to implementation
  • Provides community governance advice to the SGIC and identifies potential solutions to issues

BOP Tertiary Intentions Strategy

The Bay of Plenty Tertiary Intentions Strategy provides a collective vision, strategy and desired actions for tertiary education and research delivery in the Bay of Plenty and Taupo. It is closely aligned with local industry and the community including New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers. The Tertiary Intentions Strategy is funded by a range of local agencies and has the objectives of:

  • Increasing tertiary education (vocational, professional, academic, and research) participation and attainment for people within our communities, particularly Maori; developing a highly educated, entrepreneurial and skilled workforce that grows the prosperity of the Bay of Plenty
  • Increasing research and generating knowledge to enable innovation that fosters business growth community development
  • Harnessing talent, skills, knowledge and networks to support sustainable, social, cultural, economic and environmental development across the region

The Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study

The Bay of Plenty Growth Study Opportunities Report released in May 2015, has identified a number of opportunities that can leverage the underlying strengths of the Bay of Plenty region and enable it to perform to its potential. One of the key strengths identified in the study for the Bay of Plenty is the kiwifruit industry. Read the study here [PDF 5.6MB]

NZKGI is involved in the Regional Growth Study and is part of a horticultural action plan as an outcome of the study. Below outlines the areas NZKGI are involved in developing for the region:

  • Education and skills
  • Industry partnership between iwi and employers to develop full time positions
  • Unlocking Maori land for horticulture
  • Increase labour resources through improving perception of employment in the horticulture industry

BOP Regional Council

Over 80% of kiwifruit in New Zealand is grown in the Bay of Plenty region.  For this reason, NZKGI maintains a close relationship with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

In particular, NZKGI maintains a close focus on three areas;

NZKGI also works with other Councils as required to respond to changes that may impact kiwifruit growers.  This activity is often undertaken in conjunction with Horticulture NZ who have a key focus on resource management issues across the country.