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Performance / March 6, 2020

Zespri 2020 Licence Application Overview and Rules

As communicated in December, the Zespri Board approved the release of Zespri Red licence in 2020. Zespri will allocate 150 hectares of Zespri Red in 2020. Based on the current expected 15 million tray market demand in Asia for Zespri Red, Zespri plans to license 1,500 hectares from 2020 to 2023. This is subject to the availability of quality budwood and the normal annual review process that’s carried out at the end of each selling season.

The Licence Application Overview and Rules (‘LAOR’) for Zespri Red are published along with the 2020 Zespri Red New Variety Information Guide on the Canopy here.

Both the SunGold and Zespri Red licence releases will be run at the same time as a closed tender bid process from 3 April – 17 April.

Zespri Red licence rules
• Total hectares being released is 150
• Minimum bid area of 0.50 hectares
• Maximum bid area of 5.00 hectares
• Every successful bid is valid and can’t be withdrawn based on price or success/failure of any other bid (including SunGold bids)
• Two year grafting window (similar to SunGold)
• Royalty rate 3 percent (same as SunGold).

Budwood availability
There’s currently no certified Psa-free source of Zespri Red budwood, with all vines of Zespri Red located in Psa-positive regions. In accordance with KVH budwood movement protocols, the exclusion areas of the far north and the South Island; and Whangārei (containment area) can’t currently (as of March 2020) obtain budwood for this variety.

2020 online licence application
There are two ways a grower can apply for licence:
• You can complete an application form (downloaded from Canopy) for Appendix 1 of the LAOR manually
• Or complete an online application form via the Industry Portal between 3 – 17 April.

NOTE: Both options still require you to print, post or courier a copy of your application form in sufficient time for it to be received by Cooney Lees Morgan prior to 5pm on 17 April.

For questions regarding the licence process please contact Zespri Grower Support Services on 0800 155 355 or email

For questions regarding the budwood availability or growing process please contact your Zespri Grower Liaison Manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if a grower bids in a tender round (either the Gold3 or Red19 CTB) and is successful, but after notification no longer wants the allocation.

A: By completing and submitting a Licence Application, upon acceptance of the application and allocation of the bid the bidder is legally obliged to satisfy the settlement requirements and grafting requirements. In accordance with Rules 23 & 24 of the APR, Zespri can pursue the full settlement of the bid, including interest at 9% on any overdue deposit or settlement monies. Should the settlement requirements not be met Zespri may also cancel the allocation, and the bidder (as well as related parties) will be ineligible to participate in any future Zespri Licence Release of any variety, in accordance with Rule 6.4(c).