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Performance / December 19, 2019

Zespri Quarterly 2019/2020 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The NZKGI ‘Zespri Quarterly 2019/2020 Key Performance Indicators’ Grower Dashboard has been produced with a three-year comparison of Quarter Two (Q2). The Quarterly KPI dashboard include the following metrics:

  • Sales by Variety
  • Market Mix by Volume/Variety
  • Promotion/TE by Variety
  • Promotion as a % of Revenue by Variety
  • Dry Shareholders
  • Shares held by Top 20 Shareholders
  • Number of Producers who do not own Shares and Number of Overshared Shareholders.

It is intended this dashboard be produced on a quarterly basis. We are looking for feedback on how to improve the KPIs and make them more relevant for growers. If you have any feedback please contact Margot Cotter

To view the Q2 dashboard, click here.
To view the Q1 dashboard, click here.