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Latest News / Zespri’s Innovation Operating Model review – seeking input from Growers

Zespri’s Innovation Operating Model review – seeking input from Growers

Zespri is currently working with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to review how innovation operates at Zespri; this project was identified to commence this year from Zespri’s broader operating model roadmap in 2018.

The role set for Innovation remains unchanged: to make a healthy impact in the World, enabling our industry to thrive, by creating value through science-based solutions. As Zespri and the Industry continues to grow rapidly, we are committed to driving innovations that meet consumer future needs and address the key challenges faced by the industry that can prevent us from realising our potential.

The purpose of the Innovation operating model review is to ensure:

  • We are encouraging innovation across the whole business, and these ideas are being captured
  • We have the right culture to encourage new ideas and an appropriate framework for assessing the selection and subsequent commercialisation of the right ideas
  • We have enough people and resources to support continuous innovation to meet Zespri’s strategy of having a Future led innovation portfolio
  • We capture everyone’s views, insights, and input to help design the right approach to innovation for Zespri

As part of the project, BCG are seeking input and perspectives on how innovation operates at Zespri from internal and external stakeholders, including growers.

The following two-time slots below have been arranged for interested growers to dial into and provide input. Simply, BCG would like to hear from growers about what is working well, where there are pain points and what can be improved with regards to innovation.

The sessions will involve the BCG team (Zespri staff will not attend) asking open-ended questions to canvas people’s thoughts:

If you have any questions on this project or the BCG sessions, please reach out to Julie Fisher-Somervell ( or Juliet Ansell (