For almost quarter of a century, NZKGI has been the voice for New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers, helping to make key decisions within the industry and acting as an advocate for the industry at government level.

Support Funds

NZKGI together with members of the kiwifruit industry have set up the following funds to provide support in times of distress or disaster. If you would like to find out more about the following funds, please contact NZKGI.

Grower Relief Fund

The Kiwifruit Growers Relief Fund Incorporated is a charitable society set up to:

  • Provide disaster relief to kiwifruit growers whose orchards and fruit have suffered damage from natural disasters.
  • Promote, encourage and foster any aspect of the fruit growing industry likely to be of benefit to NZ.
  • Relieve poverty among persons who are or were engaged in activities and employment associated with the NZ kiwifruit industry.