Want to advertise a kiwifruit job?

Have seasonal vacancies to share? We want to attract job seekers to the kiwifruit industry and can help fill your labour roles. Find out how you can promote your kiwifruit jobs with us on Facebook.

If you’re a Zespri compliant employer, we want to hear from you! Find eligible kiwis and other job seekers to fill your kiwifruit vacancies and connect with kiwifruit employers from around New Zealand. We can post about your kiwifruit job to our growing audience on Facebook.

Benefits to employers

  1. Join an engaged network of kiwifruit employers from around New Zealand.
  2. Promote your kiwifruit jobs to an active audience of job seekers on the Kiwifruit Jobs New Zealand Facebook page throughout the year.
  3. Stay up to date with the latest kiwifruit job information and engage your employees via Kiwifruit Jobs New Zealand.

Employers: how-to guide

  1. If you’d like to promote a kiwifruit job with us, please make sure you have your Zespri GAP details available.
  2. Complete the template that is available here and email it to NZKGI, here.
  3. We’ll post your job under our Jobs section on our Facebook page once we have all the details. It will remain active for a 30 days before auto-expiring.
  4. If you’ve filled your vacancies, please let us know so we can close your job.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to email Gavin.

Find our current Orchard employer list here.

Find our current Packhouse employer list here.