In 2016, NZKGI embarked on a strategic review which has seen a revision of high level strategy including a vision, mission statement and objectives. Guiding principles have been established to assist when considering specific projects.

Organisational Management

The Organisational Management portfolio ensures the organisation is professional and well run, with maximum benefit for the levy investment received. Communication of Member responsibilities, review of rules and management of NZKGI’s finances all ensure seamless advocacy and the enhancement of New Zealand kiwifruit Growers interests.

NZKGI organises its activities under six portfolios.

  • Communication to and for Growers
  • External Relations to advocate on regulatory impacts for Growers
  • Organisational Management to run NZKGI efficiently and effectively
  • Industry Stability to maintain relationships amongst industry players
  • Performance & Supply to report on industry performance
  • And our Labour & Education portfolio to attract and retain members of the industry as well as identify future labour requirements


Innovative leadership succeeding through change.


Integrity, respect, accountable, independent.