The iconic kiwifruit is not only a big player in the horticulture industry, but a symbol used throughout Kiwiana in New Zealand. It is the fruit that adorns our favourite Pavlova dessert, it shares its name with our native kiwi bird and it is a super food in its own right.




Effective leadership and governance of all industry structures must be supported by effective New Zealand kiwifruit grower control, representation and consultation. Therefore, growers have governance roles in the groups featured in this diagram.

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (NZKGI)

NZKGI is a levy funded organisation that protects the political and commercial interests of New Zealand kiwifruit growers. Key roles include safeguarding the Single Point of Entry (SPE), supporting grower well-being and welfare, consulting with growers on industry initiatives and reporting on Zespri’s performance, with a bottom line aim to increase growers’ returns.

Kiwifruit New Zealand (KNZ)

Kiwifruit New Zealand is the kiwifruit industry’s regulator and gives Zespri the mandate to be the vehicle of the SPE, regulations that permit a single marketer to export and market the majority of New Zealand grown kiwifruit outside of Australasia. KNZ also allow other exporters to trade New Zealand grown kiwifruit outside of Australasia on a case-by-case basis. This is dependent on the value those exporters can derive for growers over and above what is achieved by Zespri.

Zespri International Limited

Zespri is a limited liability company, owned by past and present New Zealand kiwifruit growers. Zespri is the single desk marketer, providing logistics services, as well as research and development management for the kiwifruit industry.

Post Harvest Operators

Growers do not supply their fruit directly to Zespri, instead they select a post harvest operator, who can be a co-operative or company, to manage their fruit from harvest. The post harvest operator is or is aligned with a Zespri Registered Supplier, who is paid by Zespri to supply the fruit to the port. There are approximately 39 packing facilities and 60 coolstores used in the kiwifruit industry and 16 Zespri Registered Suppliers.

Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

The Industry Advice Council aim to specifically cater to the financial, tax and government related aspects of the kiwifruit industry. IAC manage issues relating to the Supply Contract, decisions relating to the treatment of and payment for fruit and matters with material financial implications for growers.

The Industry Supply Group (ISG)

The Industry Supply Group manages decisions relating to the supply chain process. Specifically, they monitor quality assurance and rules around labelling, packaging and the export of kiwifruit.

They also help in the negotiation of industry wide commercial contracts relating to supply chain activities.

Zespri Board

The Zespri Board provides strategic direction for the company and ensure it meets all regulatory requirements.