It is estimated the industry will need another 2,000 permanent employees and 4,000 seasonal employees within the next few years. This future growth is dependent on the ability to attract and retain young people who are highly skilled and enthusiastic and develop them to become our industry’s future leaders.


Every year there is a range of scholarships available to New Zealand students and trainees who have a special interest in horticulture, specifically the fruit and vegetable industries. These are available to people undergoing significant industry training or education.

Industry Training Scholarships
Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers’ Association 0272 33 99 00
HortNZ Industry Training Scholarships (04) 472 3795
HortNZ Undergraduate Scholarships (04) 472 3795
Zespri Scholarships (07) 572 7600
Plant and Food Research Summer Studentships (09) 925 7000
Post Graduate Scholarships and Research Fellowships
Pipfruit NZ Research Fellowship (06) 873 7080
Bruce Stowell Work Exchange Scholarship (07) 572 7600

Leadership Programmes & Awards

There are multiple opportunities for members of the industry to develop their leadership potential through participating in various programmes.

HortNZ Leadership Programme 021 938 825
Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme 021 1396 881
Nuffield New Zealand 021 1396 881
Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award (09) 307 8875
PMA A-NZ Produce Development Program: Business Skills for Emerging Leaders +61 3 8840 0898
Women & Leadership New Zealand