The target of the Performance & Supply Portfolio is to increase independent monitoring of Zespri, supply chain performance, equity between growers and enhancing the flow of information from Zespri to the grower organisation. NZKGI’s aim is to ensure that growers are assured of the performance of the industry and, where improvements are required, these are identified for action by those in the industry charged with these functions.

The Grower Forum

The Grower Forum meets eight times a year and all growers are welcome to attend. The Forum gets briefings from Zespri and suppliers, and debates issues affecting the industry.

These meetings are a central hub for the debate and formation of a NZKGI/Grower View. NZKGI then presents these views on behalf of the grower community at the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) and the Industry Supply Group (ISG) meetings.

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The scope of the Industry Advisory Council is:

Supply agreement
  • Issues relating to the supply contract
  • Decisions relating to the treatment of and payment for fruit
  • Matters with material financial implications for the industry
  • Zespri roles, margin, efficiency and functionality
  • Zespri and supplier performance benchmarking
Industry policy and governance
  • Insurance
  • Matters where industry co-operation and co-ordination are required such as the ERMA review of Hydrogen Cyanamide
Single Point of Entry (SPE)
  • Matters raised in relation to the maintenance and strengthening of the SPP
  • Industry evolution issues
  • Industry governance and policy issues
  • Zespri ownership and control issues
  • High level research and development strategy

The scope of the Industry Supply Group is:

  • Tactical/seasonal decisions in respect of all matters relating to Supply Chain Process;
  • Tactical decisions relating to Quality Systems and EDI;
  • The negotiation of industry-wide commercial contracts relating to Supply Chain activities (such as the Supply Contract, Fruit Labels, Pallet Cards, Independent Lab Rates, Shipping Contract, Port Services Agreement);
  • The implementation of tactical decisions in respect of all matters relating to Supply Chain Process;
  • Interface with Zespri on Supply issues and provision of a constructive level of reverse commercial tension for the requirements of the markets;
  • Managing individual and collective supplier discipline in respect of ISG accountabilities;
  • The Management of the Supply Chain Projects coming out of the IAC and Supply Chain Review

It also covers the management of the following Zespri Supply Chain functions:

  • Quality Assurance (excl Market Access)
  • Packaging
  • Supply Planning
  • Order and Supply
  • Checkpoint
  • Stow Planning
  • Vessel Scheduling
  • Export Documentation
  • Shipping