It is estimated the industry will need another 2,000 permanent employees and 4,000 seasonal employees within the next few years. This future growth is dependent on the ability to attract and retain young people who are highly skilled and enthusiastic and develop them to become our industry’s future leaders.

The Kiwifruit Book

The Kiwifruit Book is a free resource for secondary school teachers and new growers covering relevant and current information; from the kiwifruit industry structure to methods kiwifruit growers use to protect their orchards from frost.

Please email NZKGI or call 0800 232 505 if you would like more information on featured topics in this book, or to contribute to the next edition.


NZKGI Horticulture Career Pathways

The NZKGI Horticulture Career Pathways Illustration shows the wide range of career opportunities available within the horticulture industry.  From science careers to orchard management positions use this illustration to find your pathway into a career in horticulture.