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Home Page / November 10, 2022

NZKGI’s Levy Renewal

In late February 2023, Growers will be asked to participate in a referendum concerning the Commodity Levy that funds NZKGI. We are required to undertake a referendum every six years to establish continued support for our funding mechanism.

NZKGI is currently consulting with Growers on how NZKGI should be shaped for the future. This will help us form levy renewal resolutions for the referendum. We highly recommend that you discuss your opinion with other Growers and NZKGI Forum members. If you aren’t sure who the Forum members are, you can find out here (you may need to expand the list if only a preview is showing). NZKGI is also running an annual Performance Review Survey, which can be found here.

NZKGI has produced many achievements for Growers over the last five years. These include:

  • Attracting seasonal labour to pick and pack Growers’ crops
  • Supporting Growers to continue operating through the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supporting the Single Point of Entry marketing structure to bolster Grower returns
  • Monitoring Zespri’s performance and communicating the results to Growers
  • Communicating to Growers about business-critical information
  • Representing and promoting good stories about the kiwifruit industry in the media
  • Advocating for Growers on policy and regulations at national and local government levels
  • Supporting succession planning by promoting industry careers
  • Advocating for the New Zealand kiwifruit industry on the international stage

But there are many challenges ahead. Labour shortages and increased regulations are critical areas that NZKGI must lead to advocate for Growers. We are also ramping up our efforts in industry performance monitoring as well as how we communicate with you.

As we have seen with COVID-19, primary industries such as horticulture can have a lot of surprises, and if it wasn’t for some quick thinking and everyone pulling together, working with Government to be recognised as an essential business, developing protocols, and implementing processes to keep the industry running, the results could have been devastating. Only with your support can NZKGI continue to exist.

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