NZKGI is a grower advocacy body for New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers. To ensure we are providing the best support available to the kiwifruit industry, we support growers under six portfolios.


Our Portfolios allow us to share with our growers and the public all of the work we are doing to build strong careers, raise the industry’s profile within the education sector, provide support for growers, preserve the single point of entry and monitor Zespri’s performance.

Click on the links below to find out how we are helping kiwifruit growers to build strong, successful businesses and how we are working together with our industry partners to continuously ensure the future of the kiwifruit looks better than ever.

Industry Stability

Maintain a focus on the stability of the marketing structure and to retain and build upon government relationships.


Monitor Zespri, supply chain and industry performance and support on-going research and development.


Proactively and regularly communicate core business news within the kiwifruit grower community.

Labour & Education

Support projects that create long term and seasonal labour and upskill growers. Develop educational initiatives in schools.

External Relations

Build on community and local government relationships whilst being the advocate for kiwifruit growers.

Organisational Management

Ensure the organisation is professional and well run, with maximum benefit for the levy investment recieved.