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Organisational Docs / About the Commodity Levy

About the Commodity Levy

NZKGI’s current levy is collected on kiwifruit grown in New Zealand that is exported to any place other than Australia. The levy is paid to NZKGI by Zespri and is deducted from the Grower pools. In 2011, Growers voted to establish a kiwifruit commodity levy to fund the operation of NZKGI and this was renewed in 2018.

The initial levy was set at 0.9c/tray ($0.0025/kg) with the ability to be set to a maximum of 1c/tray ($0.0028/kg) pending a Grower referendum. This levy came into force in February 2012. At the 2016 AGM, Growers voted to increase the levy to 1c/tray ($0.0028/kg) to fund expanded activities of NZKGI resulting from the Kiwifruit Industry Strategy Project (KISP). These activities included significant activity in monitoring the performance of the industry structure, including Zespri.

The levy was renewed in November 2017 and continued at 1c/tray ($0.0028/kg) with the ability to be set to a maximum of 1.5c/tray ($0.0042/kg). At the 2021 AGM, Growers voted to increase the levy rate to 1.1 cent per tray ($0.0031/kg) where it currently stands.

NZKGI is now consulting with Growers as to what the levy rate should be for the upcoming levy renewal.