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Latest News / CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Regional Representatives

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Regional Representatives

Call for nominations for two NZKGI forum representative positions

NZKGI calls for expressions of interest in undertaking the following roles:

  • NZKGI Forum member representative for the Poverty Bay region
  • NZKGI Forum member representative for the Hawkes Bay/Lower North Island region 

In this circumstance of casual vacancies, the rules of NZKGI state:

The Forum, following the advice of the Executive Committee, may fill Forum member vacancies that occur prior to each election, either appointing the first unsuccessful candidate from the previous election, or by appointing a new Forum member from the region for which the vacancy has arisen.

What is the NZKGI Forum?

The NZKGI Forum comprises of 27 elected forum Members. Of these 27, 17 are regional representatives, nine are supply entity representatives and one is a representative of the Maori Growers Forum. An eligible regional representative candidate must be a natural person who is either a:

  • ‘Member’, defined a grower who pays a levy or Membership fee to NZKGI; or
  • A person nominated pursuant to Rule 8.1(e) of the NZKGI Rules (available on the NZKGI website).

The purpose of the NZKGI Forum is to:

  • Represent and inform growers on kiwifruit issues.
  • Make recommendations to different industry bodies.
  • Make decisions for the industry on behalf of growers.
  • Work in smaller groups on detailed topics.

As a representative you are encouraged to source information from industry experts in order to become informed on industry matters. You then need to use this information to make informed and representative decisions for your constituency. You are representing all growers in your region and therefore are required to be proactive with your communication.


Why become a NZKGI Forum member?

Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s largest horticulture export with a national economic impact of $5.5bn revenue in 2015/16 and is expected to jump to $13bn in 2030. As a Forum Member you will be making important decisions which impact upon this booming industry. Representing your region is a position of responsibility. Forum Members are exposed to privileged information which will enhances the in-depth knowledge of the kiwifruit industry. A recent survey of NZKGI Forum Members found that the most important aspect of Forum meetings is the opportunity for Members to provide feedback on proposed changes to an issue. This was closely followed by the ability to learn information on changes that affect growers. Other aspects Forum Members enjoy about Forum meetings is the open discussion, networking and providing feedback to make a positive contribution to the kiwifruit industry. Here are some personal statements from Forum Members about why they are NZKGI representatives:

“My objective of becoming a Forum Member was to ‘make a difference’, ensure the grower voice is represented and understood”.

“We debate and discuss issues at Forum meetings, engaging with industry experts in order to understand what is best for our industry, always from a grower perspective”.

“Being involved on the Maturity and Taste committees has enhanced my knowledge further to better understand what our market expectations are and ensure that growers can meet these expectations and that any changes are achievable”.

“Forum meetings include great presentations from Zespri’s staff who are located all over the world”.

“At Forum meetings we are with like-minded growers that get involved in healthy debates on current industry matters. To be a part of these discussions gives us ownership of our outcomes”.

“I now have a more in-depth understanding of our industry which has provided me with the confidence and qualifications for governance roles within the industry”.


NZKGI Forum meetings

Forum meetings are usually held in Mount Maunganui approximately eight times per year and growers are expected to attend all meetings or appoint a proxy/alternative. Forum Members may claim meeting fees and travel costs for attending NZKGI meetings in accordance with the relevant policy.


Forum member pathways within NZKGI

NZKGI Forum Members have the opportunity to further their contribution to the industry by representing NZKGI through appointments to the NZKGI Executive Committee and industry groups including the Industry Advisory Council, Industry Supply Group, the Kiwifruit to Australia Product Group, plus Hail and other subcommittees.


Further information

The NZKGI rules has detailed information on the organisation and management of NZKGI as well as rules and responsibilities for regional Forum Members. The document ‘Rules of New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated’ is available on the NZKGI website NZKGI has also published a booklet ‘Forum Members Guide’. For a copy of this booklet, please contact the NZKGI Communications Manager via

For specific queries on the role of a NZKGI regional representative or nomination process, contact the NZKGI office on 0800 232 505 or


How does the process work?

After receiving and reviewing expressions of interest, the Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the Forum for endorsement.

To express interest in the role, fill out the nomination form located here.

 NZKGI encourages all growers who are passionate about their industry and are highly motivated to represent growers in their region to stand for election