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Health & Safety / Coolstore door fell from rails

Coolstore door fell from rails

Event Title: Coolstore door fell from rails
Event date: 11th May 2019
Event location: Zespri Coolstore, Mt Maunganui

Event Description:
A Zespri worker was sliding open a coolstore door. After moving the door approx. 10cm, the door caught, lifted and came off its rails. The door fell towards the worker, however it caught on the bollards that protect the coolstore from forklift damage and the worker only caught their hand between the door and the bollard suffering a minor first aid injury. Had the door not caught on the bollard it may have landed on the worker.

Initial Actions Taken:
The scene was frozen and Worksafe was notified as this incident met the threshold of a notifiable event.
A forklift was placed beside the door to ensure if the door fell it would not harm any worker.
A review of the design of the rails has been initiated to ensure the door cannot come off the rails.

Lessons and Recommendations:
• The original design of the door does not appear to have considered preventing the rollers lifting off the rail
• The door was not on a preventative maintenance inspection and service routine.
• Early reporting of the difficulty of operating the door may have triggered an inspection of the door
• Debris on the floor around the door may have contributed to the door lifting from the rails and improved housekeeping practices would support a safer work environment

For further information related to this incident please contact Angus Bell – Health and Safety Lead, Zespri (


Photo: Coolstore door correctly sitting on rails