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The following information has been provided by Zespri Preharvest and was distributed to industry stakeholders via email on 12.03.2020

You cannot harvest, pack, store or transport fruit without a verified Food Act registration.  


Orchards and Horticultural packing and storage facilities are legally required to register with MPI as a food business under the Food Act 2014.  Zespri can verify (audit) your Kiwifruit orchards against the Food Act 2014 requirements as part of the GAP inspection programme.  To ensure you have been verified correctly, you first need to ensure the orchard’s GAP legal entity is registered with MPI under the Food Act 2014. The registration can then be verified by the GAP inspector at the time of the inspection. The register can be found here:

Zespri GAP Inspection verifications can only cover kiwifruit orchards. Non kiwifruit crops must be registered and verified through your local council or with another service provider such as AssureQuality. Zespri is not able to verify crops other than kiwifruit. If you have multiple crops please contact MPI for advice.

Packing, Storage and Transport facilities cannot be registered and inspected through Zespri and as above must be registered and verified by your local council, directly with MPI or through a third party offering these services.  It is an offence under the Food Act 2014 to sell (or purchase) fruit from unregistered orchards or facilities so Zespri cannot accept fruit from such facilities into inventory.  If your orchard or postharvest facility is not yet registered, contact your local council or MPI immediately.

Your local council offers a quicker registration option, but you will need to contact your local council and arrange it. You will also need to arrange a verification audit (your council may arrange this for you). Council fees for registration and verification will vary by region.

Food Act – Change of ownership

If you have purchased an orchard, make sure it is covered for the Food Act 2014.

  • If you have already registered your GAP Legal Entity for a different orchard (and this same entity is responsible for your new orchard) another registration is not required. However, you need to make sure that your new orchard is verified (audited) so contact your GAP inspector for more infortmation.
  • If you have not registered, you can complete a Zespri Food Act Registration form however this can take up to 6 weeks to process. This will delay harvest. There is an urgent registration and verification option with your local council so contact them immediately.
  • If you sell an orchard, it is your responsibility to contact MPI and cancel your registration.

Contact Jemma Pryor on 07 572 7621 or email for information or assistance with the Food Act.