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Health & Safety / Forklift Incident

Forklift Incident

Event Title: Forklift incident
Event date: 3 May 2019
Event location: Te Puke

Event Description:
After completing a task in the front of the forklift, the injured person (IP) moved away from his task and walked behind parked but manned forklift to get his personal items which were in a box on the back of the forklift. The person on the forklift then put the forklift into reverse and started to move the forklift.
IP was caught by the rear wheel of the forklift causing injury to his right foot and lower leg.

Initial Actions Taken:
Response team on site did an excellent job and helping and minimised the injury outcome.
Emergency services contacted, first aid applied, scene frozen, supervisor notified, and incident report started.

Lessons and Recommendations:
• Company forklift rules clarified, documented and combined with training to improved competencies.
• Safe zones reminder to be issued to all staff and followed.
• Pedestrian and forklift zones to be re-enforced.
• Work instruction to be reviewed.
• Reversing beeper on forklift must be able to be heard in area of work.

For further information related to this incident please contact Kate Trufitt (


Photo: Scene following accident