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Grower Guidance / Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Information

This website will be continually updated. Please check back for the latest information.

What does a business need to do to operate under level 3?
Businesses operating under Level 3 must develop a Covid-19 health & safety plan and share it with workers and/or contractors. NZKGI and Zespri have worked together to establish a Kiwifruit Orchard Guidelines for Minimising Spread of COVID-19 available here. There are guidelines available for operating under Levels 2, 3 and 4. For detailed information, click here.

The key controls that a business must take to protect workers and customers are:

  • supporting people with flu-like symptoms to self-isolate
  • ensuring separation distances
  • disinfecting surfaces
  • maintaining good hygiene, particularly hand hygiene and good cough/sneeze etiquette
  • keeping records to facilitate contact tracing.

Is registration with MPI required?
Registration of businesses with MPI is not required under Level 3 or Level 2

Is kiwifruit an essential business?
Yes, all food production is essential business under Covid-19. This includes any essential work including orchard maintenance that must be done to ensure that food production continues for this year or next year.

Where can I go for more information?
If you need assistance please contact Zespri 0800 155 355 or NZKGI 0800 232 505, or contact your packhouse.

Is there a guideline for how I can keep my staff safe?
NZKGI and Zespri have worked together to establish a Kiwifruit Orchard Guidelines for Minimising Spread of COVID-19 available. There are guidelines available for operating under Levels 23 and 4.

What are the social distancing requirements?
Covid Alert Level 2 and Level 3 require 1 meter social distancing in workplaces and 2 meter social distancing in public areas.

Who is responsible for providing toilets and handwashing facilities for workers?
Growers are responsible for ensuring there are appropriate toilet and handwashing facilities.

Can I go out to my production block by myself to check on my vines and mow?
Most business activities can be undertaken under Alert Level 3 as long as protocols are met. This includes any on orchard activities including orchard development and maintenance. You must ensure you have a Covid-19 Safety Plan in place and share this with any workers/contractors.

Will workers need some sort of documentation for going to and from their places of work? If so, what will they need?
Under Level 3, Police will be stopping people and checking on their need to travel. You may want to provide your employees with a letter to clarify that they are working in an essential service. There is a template available for your use, please alter as required. Template here.

How can I make sure everyone who works on my orchard is protected?
NZKGI & Zespri have developed guidelines to Minimising the spread of Covid-19 on orchard:
Alert Level 2
Alert Level 3
Alert Level 4

Pastoral Care: