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Performance / Gold Organic Pooling review

Gold Organic Pooling review

Every year Zespri reviews the Gold Organic Premium and Pooling arrangement, a process that has been followed since the creation of the Gold varieties pool in 2007. In 2019, Zespri held a consultation with SunGold Organic growers on moving to a separate pool. Feedback received indicated a view that moving to an own pool was inevitable, however preference was to wait for larger volumes to mitigate the impact of small changes in market/profile mix. The Zespri Board were guided by growers and supported continuing the combined pool structure, indicating when volumes reach 2M trays would be an appropriate point to create a separate pool. Zespris 5 year plan indicates SunGold Organic volumes will reach 1.6M TE in 2020, and 2.4M TE in 2021.

To provide your feedback, please complete this short survey here administered by NZKGI. You can also email your feedback to Zespri here or NZKGI here. This survey is only available to Sungold Organic growers and licence holders. Please submit your response by Monday 18th November.

Further, this paper will be discussed at NZKGI forum on 12th November. Please contact your forum representative if you have specific comments you would like raised at this meeting.

View the Zespri Gold Organic Pooling Review paper here.