Spray Complaints

The kiwifruit industry voluntarily operates a national public service to provide information and receive feedback from the public on kiwifruit growing operations – including spray activity, noise (bird scarers or fans) and labour compliance. The industry has provided this service for more than a decade to provide an education service and to inform compliance activities for Zespri GLOBALG.A.P.

  • Spray complaints are received by NZKGI being independent of the compliance system.
  • NZKGI logs complaints and provides the information to Zespri’s compliance team for follow up.
  • Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, Zespri can take actions from education to sanctions.
  • Zespri investigates all complaints to substantiate them and determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Under GlobalGAP, Zespri can impose sanctions on growers who don’t meet conditions of supply which include following rules around spray use and application methods. These sanctions include suspension or cancelation of GAP certification.
  • Local authorities can also take legal action on growers who do not meet local requirements.

Information for neighbours

  • Keep animals out of the mixing and spraying area
  • Non-grazing animals should not be exposed to any residues on grass in the orchard for three days and grazing animals for seven days
  • Dogs are particularly sensitive to Hi-Cane so keep them tied up and well away from spraying and boundary areas
  • Keep children and pets away from close boundaries
  • Casuarinas, gum trees and lemon trees are particularly vulnerable to Hi-Cane This should not be of concern as a neighbour, as no spray drift should go over the orchard boundaries.

Spray complaint hotline: 0800 232 505