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Environmental and Policy / Introducing the new Environmental and Policy portfolio

Introducing the new Environmental and Policy portfolio

The External Relations portfolio has had a name change to Environmental and Policy to better reflect the intent of the work within the portfolio and the focus on environmental issues from a global and New Zealand perspective. To support the importance of this work, key principles have been developed:


  1. Support retention of highly productive horticulture land
  2. Maintain the right to grow
  3. Deliver the best policy outcomes for all growers
  4. Protection of the environment while enabling orchard growth
  5. Work proactively and constructively with stakeholders
  6. Deliver outcomes that benefit the community


These principles will be at the heart of everything we do as we navigate through a changing and challenging growing environment. The portfolio will still retain its focus on working effectively and proactively with government and officials to get the best possible outcome for growers.