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Health & Safety / KEEP CLEAR OF TRUCKS


Event title: Truck Incident – Unloading truck tipped sideways

Event Date: 21 October 2021

Event Location: Baygold


Event Description:

  • A truck unloading fertiliser tipped sideways on flat ground.


Initial Actions Taken:

  • We are working with the supplier to understand the cause of the event and put steps in place to stop this happening again.


Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Each Spring we have over 350 truckloads of fertiliser being delivered.
  • An important reminder to keep 15m away from any truck while unloading (at least the length of the tipper).
  • Do not attempt to help truck drivers or guide them into position as it can distract the driver and put you in harm’s way.
  • Make sure workers are kept out of nearby blocks and mark off the rows if necessary.