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Health & Safety / Light Utility Vehicle Incident

Light Utility Vehicle Incident

Event Title: Light Utility Vehicle Incident
Event date: 5 February 2020
Event location: Te Puke

Event Description:
Two members of the Grounds team were involved in an incident on the ramp to the gulley on Wednesday afternoon, 5 February 2020, were the vehicle rolled onto its side with driver being thrown from the vehicle & passenger having their leg caught under the ROPS. Emergency Services were called and both team members were taken to Tauranga hospital but released the same day.

Conclusion from Initial Research:

  • Very steep / loose gravel road to the gulley.
  • 4 Wheel drive not engaged
  • Seat belts not worn

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Immediate update to all staff on incident & medical condition of workers
  • Control & cordon of site until released by WorkSafe
  • Recovery of LUV from site with damage assessment being recorded
  • Assess & implement new standard company practices for daily inspections of LUV’s & other equipment’s prior to use
  • Review of service & maintenance procedures of all LUV’s and other equipment’s
  • Review & recommendation for improvements to the gulley access road surface

Photo: Light utility vehicle rolled down side of gulley ramp