Objecting to QV regarding rates valuations

There are two ways in which you can submit an objection:

  1. Submit an objection online via the QV website. This is a very straight forward process with a short form to complete where you are asked the reason for your objection. The more detail you can provide here the better it will help QV assess your objection.
  2. Send a written objection to the following address: Business Support Centre, Private Bag 39-818, Wellington Mail Centre, LOWER HUTT 504

We encourage you to submit online via the QV website. This is the most efficient way to get your objection submitted as objections are time sensitive. It is also a better way of record keeping and ensuring your letter doesn’t get lost in the post.

When filling in your objection online, there is a section on the form asking for your estimate of the land value and the value of improvements. QV has incorporated the value of the SunGold kiwifruit licence into the ‘value of improvements’. At the time of this inclusion, the licence was worth $801,000, whereas its current value is $608,695 – a reduction of more than 24%.

When filling out the reasons for your objection Growers could challenge:

  1. The assumption that higher capital values automatically denote a greater ability to pay. This notion overlooks those property owners and growers who, although holding valuable assets, may lack a current income due to various circumstances, such as recent weather events including hail and frost. This further emphasises the necessity of adopting a nuanced, equitable approach to rating methodologies.
  2. Due to the recent seasons of low returns, the value of SunGold licences have decreased and this needs to be taken into account in valuations.
  3. The kiwifruit industry is a significant contributor to the local economy, providing numerous employment opportunities and fostering economic development. Consequently, the need for fair and equitable rating policies becomes more pronounced — not only to support our industry but also to maintain and promote local economic prosperity.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact our Senior Policy Advisor, Abby Van De Ven here.