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Compliance & Contracts / Orchard Services Agreement

Orchard Services Agreement

NZKGI have developed an Orchard Services Agreement template for growers to use when they are employing contractors to carry out work on their orchard.  The agreement includes updates to health & safety legislation and a payment schedule where the contractor must demonstrate that at least minimum wage is being paid to employees.  All growers are encouraged to have a contract for any services they use on their orchard and this template should make the process simple.

Please note: It is really important that Appendix 1 is filled out properly with ample detail. If the Orchardist doesn’t specify the services provided in detail it makes them susceptible to risk if any dispute was to arise. Appendix 1 is where you can also specify things like prohibiting rain picking.

NZKGI has taken care and prepared this Agreement in good faith. NZKGI makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy or the completeness of this Agreement.  NZKGI does not accept responsibility or liability should any grower or other party incur any loss, injury or damages arising from that person’s reliance on this Agreement. NZKGI recommends parties seek legal advice before signing this Agreement to ensure the wording fits the particular circumstances of the parties.

Click here to download the agreement.