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Health & Safety / Person Pinned Between Full Bins

Person Pinned Between Full Bins

Event Title: Person Pinned between Full Bins
Event date: 9th May 2020
Event location: Seeka

Event Description:
A serious incident occurred at KKP today (09.05.20), where an employee sustained injuries to their shoulder and hip, as a result of being pinned between two full bins of fruit, when the bin tip forklift driver shunted bins forward for laydown. The employee was transported to Tauranga hospital. They have sustained serious injuries to their shoulder and pelvis. The incident has been notified to WorkSafe NZ.

The bin tip operator was removing the bin card from the bottom bin of the lined up 3 high bins. To reach to lower bin they crouched between the 3 high and the 2 high stacked bins. The forklift driver did not see the bin tip operator and shunted the 2 bins forward, with the next 3 bins ready for lay down, as a result the bin tip operator was pinned between the 2 bins, the driver reversed and attended to the injured operator.

Initial Actions Taken:

  • Emergency services were called, WorkSafe NZ also came to investigate the incident and clear the scene.
  • Support to forklift drivers and the site staff, staff have been offered EAP services
  • WorkSafe has been notified and WorkSafe site inspection today
  • Seeka Internal investigation is underway.
  • Event reported to Senior Management team and H&S Manager
  • Safety Alert issued
  • An internal review of the bin card removal process at KKP was conducted and will be trialled tomorrow, initial changes are:
    • Bin card only to be removed by the forklift driver
    • Bin card to be placed by the bin tip caging for safe retrieval of the bin card for the bin tip operator
    • Temporary barriers to be installed to segregate any other forklifts apart from the bin tip forklift in this area.

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Forklifts are a critical risk and can cause serious injury
  • Always be aware of other forklifts/workers in your work area
  • Ensure that the appropriate traffic management plan is in place
  • Always check your work front for new hazards – things can change in an instance
  • A site specific TMP review to be undertaken
  • All sites to review their Bin card removal process and ensure that there is effective separation and communication between both parties.