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Post-harvest Transparency Questions

Growers are asking for more transparency from post-harvest operators so that comparisons can be made to decide which operator will work best for them. As a part of NZKGI’s Performance portfolio, below is a list of questions that we encourage growers to ask operators.

– Please talk us through your performance including a breakdown of onshore fruit loss, onshore ECPI defects and offshore Supplier Accountability results for the past five seasons.

– What did you learn from the quality challenges of 2022? What process/improvements have been made as a result?

– What reporting do you provide to growers automatically? What additional reporting is available on request?

– Does that reporting include benchmarks to industry? Are the benchmarks set by Zespri or have you made any adjustments to that benchmark?

– What is your entities approach to pooling? What do you see as the benefits and risks to that approach?

– Do you run a Class 2 programme? If so, please explain how that programme works and the impact on your growers?

In-season questions
– What is your track record in regards to capacity constraints? Will you be able to process my fruit when it is at optimal maturity?

– How do you manage the conflict of different varieties needing to be harvested at similar times?

– How do you make inventory decisions about which fruit is shipped and when?